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  • Fatbeam DDoS mitigation provides the ability to block traffic going to an IP and a specific port.
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DDoS Mitigation: Explained

DDoS Protection & Mitigation
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We provide a fully managed service that monitors, detects, validates, and mitigates attacks.

What is a DDoS attack?

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack involves overwhelming a target with a flood of internet traffic (which can come from many different sources) that is difficult to stop. The aim of such attacks is usually to make a website or online service unavailable to its users. 

What is DDoS mitigation?

DDoS mitigation refers to the process of protecting a network or server from DDoS attacks. DDoS mitigation involves several strategies, including monitoring, detection, and validation, as well as tools to resist or lessen the impact of these attacks.

Why are DDoS mitigation services important?

DDoS mitigation is critical for maintaining the availability and reliability of online services, especially if your organization relies heavily on its digital presence. Due to the evolving nature of DDoS attacks, continuous monitoring, updating of security measures, and preparedness to respond quickly are essential aspects of effective DDoS mitigation.

Fatbeam DDoS Mitigation


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DDoS attack prevention involves a combination of tools and strategies to protect networks and servers from being overwhelmed by a flood of internet traffic, which is the hallmark of a DDoS attack. Here's how it typically works:

  1. Traffic Analysis: Constant monitoring of network traffic is used to identify unusual spikes or patterns indicative of a DDoS attack.
  2. Traffic Filtering: Firewalls, anti-DDoS software, or hardware appliances are used to filter out malicious traffic while allowing legitimate traffic through.
  3. Rate Limiting: The amount of traffic allowed from a particular source is restricted to prevent overloading.
  4. Redundancy and Scalability: Building redundancy into the network and scaling resources helps handle surges in traffic, mitigating the impact of an attack.
  5. Cloud-Based Protection Services: Utilizing cloud-based DDoS protection services can help absorb and disperse large amounts of traffic.

By combining these measures, you can detect potential DDoS attacks early and respond quickly to mitigate their impact, maintaining the availability and functionality of your networks and services.

DDoS attack mitigation is crucial for a wide range of businesses, particularly those with a significant online presence or reliance on internet connectivity. These include e-commerce platforms, online service providers, financial institutions, healthcare providers, media and news websites, gaming and entertainment services, government and public sector services, and educational institutions.

DDoS blocking involves identifying and filtering out malicious traffic, preventing it from reaching and affecting the target system. This is typically achieved through a combination of traffic analysis, traffic filtering, rate limiting, and cloud-based protection.
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