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Fatbeam’s portfolio of wireless communication sites include towers within Idaho and Oregon.

40+ Towers We give you the space, power, and connectivity options to easily expand 
your network.
On-Call Tower Technicians Smart Hands are provided by our experienced field services team – with 24/7 site monitoring offered through our NOC.
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Using our existing tower infrastructure minimizes resources required for new construction, ongoing maintenance, and repairs.

Tower Infrastructure by the Numbers

Easily expand your network with Fatbeam.


Towers in the Western U.S.

55 ms

Latency Guarantee


Packet Loss


On-Net Buildings


Total Fiber Miles


Total Cities


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Lower Costs. Fewer Resources Required.

Fatbeam’s existing tower infrastructure reduces costs and resources required for:

  • New Construction
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Repairs
In today's connected world, a business is only as good as it's Internet link. Fatbeam Internet is fast, reliable and capable, just as a business should be.

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Wireless Communication Made Simple

With the attention on middle mile and last mile communications services, towers have taken on new importance. That’s where Fatbeam comes in.

What is tower infrastructure?

Tower infrastructure enables wireless communication over wide areas. Increasing demand for data services and the resulting growth of mobile networks makes tower infrastructure a critical piece of the modern communication system puzzle.

How do businesses benefit from Fatbeam tower infrastructure?

Today’s tower infrastructure is used as a centralized communication hub. The space, power, and connectivity options offered at each of our 40+ tower sites can help your business scale.

How do I get started with tower infrastructure?

Our construction-minded engineering team is here to help you develop a solution based on your specific needs. Request a quote and you’ll be on your way to reducing costs and gaining scalability.

Tower Infrastructure


All your burning questions about tower infrastructure, answered.

Wireless communication sites are locations equipped with infrastructure that supports wireless communication services. These include cell towers, base stations, small cells, distributed antenna systems, and microwave towers.

Using a tower infrastructure provider helps businesses leverage the benefits of high-quality, reliable wireless communication without the complexities and costs of managing the infrastructure themselves.

Third-party tower infrastructure allows service providers to rapidly expand network coverage and capacity without the significant capital expenditure and maintenance responsibilities associated with building and operating their own tower infrastructure. It also facilitates more efficient use of resources, as multiple service providers can share the same tower infrastructure, reducing the overall environmental and physical footprint of wireless networks.
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