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Any disruption to your operations can be costly. Fatbeam is the intelligent choice for wireless backup.

Reliability You can rest easy with ensured uptime, low latency, minimal packet loss, and fast repair timeframes.
Performance Fatbeam’s outstanding performance means your data is never oversubscribed or shared with other users in the area.
Bandwidth Fatbeam’s wireless backup guarantees you will have the bandwidth needed to keep your business connected.

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Internet interruption of any kind can be detrimental – but a total outage can be damaging to your business. That's where wireless backup comes in.

  • Services will be switched over to the backup wireless circuit automatically upon failure of your primary circuit.
  • Our highly experienced team can support your needs, from Smart Hands to engineering services.

In today's connected world, a business is only as good as it's Internet link. Fatbeam Internet is fast, reliable and capable, just as a business should be.

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Why Fatbeam?

A Backup Solution That Meets Your Needs

With Fatbeam wireless backup, your days of costly internet outages are over.

What is wireless backup?

Wireless backup is a data protection and disaster recovery strategy that leverages wireless communication technologies to create duplicate copies of data in remote locations, ensuring data availability and business continuity in the face of disruption.

Is wireless backup secure?

Security is a crucial consideration in Fatbeam’s wireless backup solution. Data is encrypted during transmission and storage to protect it from unauthorized access or interception.

How do businesses use wireless backup?

Wireless backup is used as part of a failover strategy where traffic is redirected to the backup network in the event the primary network fails. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity and data access.

Wireless Backup


All your burning questions about Fatbeam wireless backup, answered.

Wireless backup solutions work by providing an alternative internet connection using wireless technology, in case the primary wired connection fails. These solutions typically involve the use of cellular networks (like 4G/LTE or 5G) or satellite communication. When the primary connection (such as DSL, cable, or fiber) goes down, the wireless backup automatically kicks in, ensuring uninterrupted internet access. 

Wireless backup solutions ensure continuity of internet connectivity in the event of a primary wired connection failure. They offer quick deployment with minimal infrastructure requirements, making them suitable for emergency or temporary setups. These solutions are also flexible and mobile, enabling internet access in locations where wired options are impractical. Additionally, they are cost-effective, as they generally involve lower setup and maintenance costs compared to wired alternatives. Scalability is another advantage, allowing for easy adjustment to meet changing needs. With proper security measures, wireless backup solutions can also maintain a secure connection, making them a vital tool for businesses and households that require consistent and reliable internet access.

Businesses that benefit most from wireless backup solutions typically include those for whom uninterrupted internet connectivity is critical. This includes retail and e-commerce, healthcare providers, financial services, IT firms, educational institutions, the hospitality industry, and others.
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