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Scalable Replace and upgrade technology at your own pace. Optimize your network and upgrade bandwidth as you see fit.
Secure Gain physical security by completely avoiding the public internet – so your data stays safe from unauthorized access.
Affordable There are multiple financial options available to participate in the design and topology of Fatbeam’s dark fiber delivery.

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We’ve helped build over 400 projects with great companies.


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The Security & Privacy You Need

Dark fiber gives you the option to retain full control over your linked point-to-point networks.

  • You make decisions about transmission equipment, protocols, and other settings.
  • Gain the power to leverage ever-increasing data-intensive communication and collaboration tools.

In today's connected world, a business is only as good as it's Internet link. Fatbeam Internet is fast, reliable and capable, just as a business should be.

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Why Fatbeam?

Dark Fiber – For Any Industry

From educational institutions to government departments, healthcare institutions, and enterprise businesses, your organization can leverage dark fiber.

What is dark fiber?

Dark fiber refers to unused or unlit optical fibers in a fiber-optic cable. These fibers are termed "dark" because they’re not currently being used to transmit light signals – unlike the "lit" fibers actively carrying data in a telecommunications network.

Should my business use dark fiber?

As a superior medium of communication, the capacity of optical fiber is limited only by the transmission electronics you use. If you have rapidly expanding data requirements and a dedicated IT team with expert operational capabilities, then our dark fiber services could be just what your business needs.

How does dark fiber help me gain control?

Dark fiber gives you the flexibility to decide the technology and protocols used on your network, which can be tailored to your specific requirements. This level of control isn’t typically available with leased line services from ISPs.

Dark Fiber


All your burning questions about Fatbeam dark fiber, answered.

A dark fiber network refers to unused or "unlit" optical fiber cables that have been laid underground but are not currently active or connected to any network equipment. These fibers are called "dark" because, without being connected to active equipment, no light pulses are being sent through them, which is the method by which data is transmitted in fiber optic cables.

Businesses, internet service providers, or other organizations can lease dark fiber networks to create their own private network connections. By installing their own equipment at either end of the fiber, businesses can activate the fiber for their specific needs, allowing for customizable, high-speed, and secure communication channels. Dark fiber networks are particularly appealing for entities requiring large bandwidth and full control over their network infrastructure.

Dark fiber is primarily utilized for creating high-capacity communication networks tailored to specific organizational needs. It is extensively used by telecommunications and internet service providers to enhance their network infrastructures or to offer specialized services to clients. Large corporations and enterprises often deploy dark fiber for secure, high-speed data connectivity across multiple locations. Data centers leverage it to interconnect with other centers and internet exchange points, enabling rapid data transfer and network redundancy. In the financial sector, dark fiber is crucial for high-speed trading and secure data transmissions. Educational and research institutions utilize it for bandwidth-intensive projects and campus connectivity, while government agencies employ it for secure communication channels. The inherent flexibility and control offered by dark fiber make it an attractive option for entities requiring robust security, swift data transmission, and substantial bandwidth.
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