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Outdated tools and inefficient processes can introduce policy errors and inconsistencies that will increase the risk of attack. That’s where Fatbeam Safeguard comes in.

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Scalability As your bandwidth grows, your Safeguard firewall can easily grow with it – enabling business growth without additional risk.
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Unlike premise-based firewalls, you pay a fixed monthly cost – without worrying about hardware, software, and licensing fees.

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Firewall Security: Explained

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Grow your business without the risk with Safeguard: our scalable, reliable firewall protection solution.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall is a network security device or software that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. It acts as a barrier between a trusted internal network and untrusted external networks. A firewall is designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from private networks and can be configured to block specific traffic, allow certain traffic, and protect against various types of cyber threats like hacking attempts, viruses, and worms. 

Do I Need a Firewall for My Business?

Yes, a firewall is essential for your business. It serves as a first line of defense in network security, protecting your network and data from various cyber threats. A firewall monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on your security policies. It helps prevent unauthorized access to your network, safeguards sensitive data, and can block malicious software and hackers. A firewall is a crucial component in securing your digital assets and maintaining the integrity of your business’s internet connectivity and communications.

How Can a Firewall Help My Business?

A firewall can significantly help your business in several ways:

  1. Network Security: It serves as a barrier between your internal network and external threats, protecting your business from unauthorized access and cyberattacks.
  2. Data Protection: By monitoring and controlling access to your network, a firewall helps safeguard sensitive business and customer data from breaches.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Many businesses are required to comply with data security regulations. A firewall helps in meeting these compliance requirements.
  4. Traffic Management: Firewalls can be configured to prioritize certain types of traffic, ensuring critical business applications have the bandwidth they need.
  5. Intrusion Detection and Prevention: Advanced firewalls can detect and prevent intrusion attempts, providing an extra layer of security.
  6. Productivity: By blocking access to non-business related sites, a firewall can help maintain employee productivity.
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Firewall security works by acting as a gatekeeper for your network, controlling the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on pre-established security rules. Here’s how it functions:

  1. Traffic Filtering: Firewalls scrutinize all data packets entering or leaving the network, determining whether they should be allowed through based on configured rules.
  2. Protection Layers: Firewalls can operate at various layers of the OSI model, from basic IP/Port level (network and transport layers) to more sophisticated application-level filtering.
  3. Stateful Inspection: Advanced firewalls perform stateful inspection, tracking the state of active connections and making decisions based on the context of the traffic and its history.
  4. Blocking Threats: Firewalls are programmed to identify and block threats like viruses, worms, and hacking attempts, preventing them from infiltrating the network.
  5. Customizable Rules: Businesses can customize firewall rules to suit their specific needs, such as blocking or allowing specific types of traffic, websites, or IP addresses.
  6. Logging and Reporting: Firewalls log traffic data and security events, aiding in monitoring, auditing, and responding to potential security incidents.

Firewall security offers a multitude of benefits, serving as a critical line of defense against external cyber threats like hackers, viruses, and worms. It plays a vital role in protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access, thus aiding in regulatory compliance for businesses handling confidential information.

Firewalls provide controlled access to the network, allowing the blocking or enabling of specific traffic, websites, and applications, which is essential for maintaining network integrity. They are instrumental in detecting and preventing intrusion attempts, managing network traffic for optimal performance, and reducing unwanted spam and malware.

Additionally, firewalls offer robust monitoring and reporting capabilities, enabling the identification and management of suspicious activities and potential security breaches, thereby ensuring a secure, controlled, and efficient network environment.

Unlike premise-based firewalls, Safeguard is billed on a fixed monthly cost. You also don't have to worry about hardware, software, and licensing costs.
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